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Holistic tourist services.

Our concern is the provision of comprehensive and quality tourist services. Our field of operations is the rental of every type of vehicle, with short or long term lease duration. We also offer the possibility of renting small boats as well as helicopters. We offer, among others, the following services:

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Lodging and accommodation services

We provide accommodation services with the possibility of renting accommodation to enable the visitor to join the local culture.

Through a comfortable stay, you will have the chance to be part of the traditional Greek culture, as you will experience the wonders of architecture, habits and customs, completing your journey with the delicious delights of the award-winning Greek cuisine.

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Tour and event organization

We offer you the opportunity to choose from a variety of special and unique destinations. Our suggested tours and events are easily tailored to each customer’s touristic identity. Through our expertise in organizing excursions and events, we have the ability to identify with your dreams and make them come true by turning them into unique travel experiences.

Through our holistic tourist services, you can discover marvelous, hidden and unexplored locations of our country. You can select pristine places, full of beauty and mystery. Tiny islands away from civilization, unknown mountain villages amongst fir forests are waiting for you to explore. Our love of wine and especially Greek vineyards offers us the opportunity to put you in touch and guide you through them so that you taste unique wine experiences.

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At Trusty, we are here to give you the key that will unlock your car, your accommodation and your dream, wherever it is.

With us, you can discover Greece, the country that loves to offer unique experiences.